California Department of Transportation

Data Weigh-in-Motion

Data WIM systems provide 24-hour traffic information at key locations on California highways.

Data: The information collected includes:

  • Axle weights and gross weight
  • Axle spacing
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Speed
Purpose: The information gathered is essential for the following functions:
  • Pavement studies
  • Highway monitoring and capacity studies
  • Accident rate calculations
  • Analysis of truck transport practices
Technical Overview
This overview of data WIM systems includes topics such as manufacturers, specifications, system capabilities, automation, and portability.
Map of WIM locations in California 
Currently there are 106 data WIM collection sites in operation across California. Several of these sites are under construction, and further expansion of WIM systems are planned for the coming years.
CTWIM Suite Download
CTWIM aids in the calibration, acceptance, and operational validation of real-time WIM data collection facilities.
WIM Headquarters Contacts: Email: Phone:
Stan Norikane, Transportation Engineer (916) 654-5651
Linda Savinelli, Transportation Engineer (916) 654-7375
Vicki Dickey, Staff Services Analyst (916) 654-6403