California Department of Transportation




2006 Proposition 1B Bond, and Economic Stimulus (Recovery Act) Funding Sign Specifications


1. Verify the project is funded by Proposition 1B funds.
2. Verify which agencies (State, Federal, and local) are participating in the funding.
3. Obtain agency logos/artwork to include on the project sign (vector .eps or .ai required)---> What is a Vector file?
4. Have District personel design the layout and sign specification for the project sign (see design tools below).
5. Submit project info and files to the Traffic Control Devices Branch to include on THIS webpage, which includes:
  - Sign specification drawing in .pdf format
  - Participating local agency logos/artwork in vector .eps or .ai format.
  - Completed Caltrans Logo Permission Form ADM-3046 - REQUIRED
  - County and route number
  - Project description and EA
6. Include sign in contractor-furnished PS&E.
7. Refer sign manufacturer to this webpage to obtain files for their use.


NOTE: Please use latest CT logo with two registered trademark symbols (included in #3 below).

1. Non-Standard Special Provision (12-003_E_D05-13-09) Last Updated 1-4-10
2. Bond Fund General Sign Specification
3. Bond Fund Sign Vector Files Last Updated 9-14-09 - Includes sign blank, CT logo, & FHWA logo in editable .eps format.
(Economic Stimulus, American Reinvestment and Recovery Act Sign Specifications)
4. Sign Policy and Sign Specifications
5. ARRA Sign Vector Files Last Updated 4-19-10- Includes, US DOT Tiger logo, & complete ARRA sign in editable .eps format.

Project Signs (listed in alpha order by county)
Sign Layout
(click image to
view .pdf spec)
Project Description & EA Vector Graphics
ALA/CC 24 Route 24 - Caldecott Improvement Project
From East Temescal Separation To 0.8 KM East of Gateway Boulevard
(EA 294914)
.zip file (575 KB)
ALA 580 I-580 Eastbound HOV Lane - Greenville to Haceinda
(EA 290800)
.zip file (444 KB)
ALA 680 Contract 1. I-680 Southbound SMART Lane - South Grimmer Blvd. to Mission Blvd. (Alameda County)
(EA 04-253794)
.zip file (480 KB)
ALA 680 Contract 2. I-680 Southbound SMART Lane - Mission Blvd. to Stoneridge Dr. (Alameda County)
(EA 04-4A5204)
ALA/SCL 680 Contract 3. I-680 Southbound SMART Lane - 237/680 Separation (Calaveras Boulevard) to South Grimmer Blvd.
(Alameda and Santa Clara Counties) (EA 04-253784)
CAL 4 Bond Fund Sign BUT 70 Widen to 5 Lanes and Construct Signal on But 70 near Oroville from PM 11.6 to PM 13.6
(EA 03-3A6311)
.zip file (580 KB)
CAL 4 Bond Fund Sign BUT 99 But-099 R32.4/R33.3 (PM), Chico Aux Lane - Phase II, In Butte county in Chico from Route 32 Undercrossing to East First Avenue Undercrossing
(EA 03-3A0424)
.zip file (568 KB)
CAL 4 Bond Fund Sign CAL 4 Angels Camp Bypass Not Available
CAL 4 Bond Fund Sign CC 4 Contract was initially split into two, but combined into one for the final bid submittal.

The State Route 4 Bypass Authority (Authority) proposes this project to widen the State Route 4 Bypass (SR4 Bypass) from 2 lanes to 4 lanes from south of the completed interchange at Laurel Road in Antioch (PM 32.4) to Sand Creek Road (PM 33.9) in Brentwood, and to construct the Sand Creek Road Interchange (PM 33.8) including the extension of Sand Creek Road to west of the SR4 Bypass intersection.
Sand Creek Interchange (EA 246571) and 4-Lane Widening (EA 246581)
.zip file (595 KB)
FRE/MAD 99 In Freemont and Madera Counties, Route 99, 26.7/R31.6, R0.0/R1.6. Widen Freeway.
(EA 06-442621)
.zip file (376 KB)
HUM 101 In Humboldt County near Alton on Route 101 from Van Duzen River Bridge to 0.6 km north of Drake Hill Road and on Route 36 from 0.5 km west of Main Street to Main Street. Construct interchange and frontage roads.
(EA 01-290301)
.zip file (400 KB)
KER 99 Route 99 Corridor Improvements, Completion 2014.
(EA 06-0G8301)
.zip file (379 KB)
KER 99 Route 99 Corridor Improvements, Completion 2013.
(EA 06-0G8401)
.zip file (378 KB)
KIN 198 Construct Interchange at Avenue 19
(EA 06-325504)
.zip file (142 KB)
LA 5 I-5 HOV Lane, From Route 5/134 to Magnolia Blvd. Overcrossing.
(EA 121841)
.zip file (687 KB)
LA 5 I-5 HOV Lane, In Burbank 0.3 km South of Cohasset Street Undercrossing to 0.1 km North of Sheldon Street Overcrossing (Los Angeles County).
(EA 07-1218v1)
.zip file (687 KB)
LA 10

I-10 Widening

.zip file (154 KB)
LA 10 In Los Angeles and Alhambra from .3 Km East of State Street Overcrossing to 0.2 Km East of Route 10/710 Separation - Rehabilitate HOV/Busway lanes.
(EA 223-166821)
.zip file (233 KB)
LA 710 In Los Angeles County at various locations on Route 710 between .7 Km North of Route 710/105 separation and Firestone Blvd. Overcrossing.
(EA 224-259901)
.zip file (233 KB)
MAD 99 In Madera County between postmile R6.9/R8.2, reconstruct interchange at Avenue 12.
(EA 06-471001)
.zip file (2.51 MB)
MER 99 In Merced County Near Merced From Buchanan Hollow Road to 0.3 Mile North of McHenry Road (Contract No. 10-415704)
(EA 415701)

.zip file (459 KB)

MON 1 Mon 1 / Monterey County SR-1, construct New Interchange
(EA 315921)

.zip file (702 KB)

MRN 101 MRN 101 / HOV Lane Addition in Novato from Novato Creek Bridge to Franklin Ave Overhead
(EA 04-2640G1)

.zip file (258 KB)

MRN 580/101 I-580 / US 101 Connector, Year of Completion 2010
(EA 4A1401)

.zip file (406 KB)

SOL 12
Napa and Solono Counties, Route 12 widening, year of completion 2013
(EA 264131/264141 )

.zip file (1.22 MB)

NEV 49 In Nevada County near the City of Grass Valley from 0.6 KM North of Alta Sierra Drive to 0.9 KM South of Wellswood Way.
(EA 2A6904)
.zip file (2.18 MB)
NEV 80 In Nevada County on Interstate 80, Highway Rehabilitation from Donner Summit to Truckee.
(EA 03-0a6331)
.zip file (372 KB)
ORA 57 In Orange County, in Fullerton and Brea on Route 57 from 0.1 Mile North of Yorba Linda Boulevard Overcrossing to Lambert Road Undercrossing.
(EA 0F0321)
.zip file (979 KB)
ORA 405 In Orange County, on Routes 22, 405, and 605, Connectors Project.
(EA 071631)
.zip file (497 KB)
PLA 65 In Placer County, near Lincoln, from 0.6 Km North of Twelve Bridges Overcrossing to 1.3 Km South of Bear River Bridge.
(EA 3338U1)
.zip file (1.2 MB)
PLA 80 Placer County I-80, extend HOV lanes and add auxiliary lanes, phase 2.
(EA 36782)
.zip file (360 KB)
RIV 91 I-91, HOV lanes in Riverside form Madison St. to the Interchange 60/91/215.
(EA 44840)

.zip file (321 KB)

SAC 50 In Sacramento County, Route 50 Ramp Metering, Completion Fall 2011.
(EA 03-1C120)

.zip file (490 KB)

SAC 50 In Sacramento County, Route 50 HOV Lanes, Community Enhancements.
(EA 03-441611)

.zip file (1.64MB)

SAC 80 I-80 HOV and Rehabilitation Project. Construct HOV lanes on I-80 between the Sacramento River BOH to Watt Avenue and rehabilitate the existing roadway between the Sacramento River BOH and Winters Street.
County and Route Number: 03-Yol,Sac-80-R10.9/R11.7, M0.0/M10.4
(EA 03-3797u4)

.zip file (700 KB)

SB 10 In San Bernardino County, Route I-10 Auxiliary Lanes
(EA 08-497501)
.zip file (531 KB)
SB 210/215 In San Bernardino County, in San Bernardino, on Route 210 from 0.9 km west to 0.5 km east of Route 210/215 Separation, and on Route 215 from 0.2 km south of Massachussetts Avenue Overcrossing to University Parkway Undercrossing
(EA 08-4440U4)
.zip file (399 KB)
SCL 101 US Auxiliary Lane Project - State Route 85 to Embarcadero Road
(EA 04-4A3301, Project ID 0400001126)
.zip file (488 KB)
SCL 880 HOV Widening Lane Project - PM 4.1/8.7
(EA 04-298304, Project ID 0400000799)
.zip file (466 KB)
SD 5 Bond Fund Sign SD 5 North Coast Corridor, Stage 1A, Unit 1. (Extend Hov Lanes San Dieguito River to Manchester Avenue) Photo 1
Photo 2
SD 5 Bond Fund Sign SD 11/905

11/905 – PM 0.0/1.6, R9.9/R10.7
EA 056321 – ID 1100020519
Construct 1.6 miles of new SR-11 (Segment 1) and EB/WB connectors to/from SR-905

.zip file (2.2 MB)
SD 5 Bond Fund Sign SD 15 Direct Access Ramp/Transit Station, Completion 2014
(EA 2T0951, Project ID 1100000454)
.zip file (282 KB)
SD 5 Bond Fund Sign SD 805 Constructing HOV Lanes, Completion 2014 for Route 805
(EA 2T1804, Project ID 1100020049) and (EA 2T1814, Project ID 1100020050)
.zip file (801 KB)
SHA 5 Cottonwood Hill Truck Climbing Lane
(EA 371001)
.zip file (407 KB)
SHA 5 In Shasta County in and near Redding from 0.1 mile north of Smith Road Overcrossing to 0.2 mile north of Route 5/299 Separation.
(EA 02-4C401)
.zip file (338 KB)
SJ 4 In San Joaquin County, SR-4 Freeway Extension, Completion 2016.
(EA 10-0S1101)
.zip file (801 KB)
SJ 99 In San Joaquin County in and near Manteca from Austin Road Overcrossing to 0.4 mile south of Arch Road Undercrossing.
(EA 10-0E6114)
.zip file (892 KB)
SJ 99 In San Joaquin County near Manteca and Stockton from 0.8 mile south of French Camp Road Undercrossing to 0.3 mile north of Arch Road Undercrossing
(EA 10-0E6124)
.zip file (1.67 MB)
SJ 99

SJ-99 - In San Joaquin County in and near Manteca from 0.2 mile north of Yosemite Avenue Undercrossing to 0.9 mile south of French Camp Road Undercrossing.
(EA 10-0E6131)

.zip file (1.34 MB)
SJ 99

(EA 10-3A1004)

.zip file (651 KB)
SJ 205 In San Joaquin County Near Tracy at Various Locations from 0.6 Mile East of Patterson Pass Road Overcrossing to 0.9 Mile East of Tracy Boulevard Undercrossing (Contract No. 10-0Q2704).
(EA 10-0Q2701)
.zip file (735 KB)
SOL 80 HOV lanes, Fairfield (Rt 80/680/12 to Putah Creek).
(EA 0A531)
.zip file (378 KB)
SOL 80 SOL 80 / Solano County I-80, EB Cordelia CVEF Relocation Project
(EA 04-0A5354)
.zip file (1.29 MB)
SUT 99 In Sutter County, widen to provide 4-lane segment from north of Power Line Rd. to 16 miles south of Yuba City. Construct 2nd undercrossing across Garden Hwy. and construct 2nd bridge across Feather River east of existing structures.
(EA 03-1a4321)
.zip file (1.7 MB)
SUT 99/113 In Sutter County, Tudor Bypass.
(EA 03-1A4614)
.zip file (2.75 MB)
TEH 99 Los Molinos Traffic Calming
(EA 02-4c580)

.zip file (439 KB)

TUL 99 Goshen, 6-lane
(Contract No. 06-360214)
.zip file (723 KB)
TUL/FREE 99 Goshen to Kingsburg, 6-Lane
(EA 06-324504)
.zip file (532 KB)
VEN 23/101 Highway Construction, Year of Completion 2015
(EA 07-1952U4, Project ID is 070000021)
.zip file (4.32 MB)
YUB 70 Bond Fund Sign YOL 50 In Yolo County, in West Sacramento, from 1.1 KM west to 1.0 KM east of Harbor Boulevard Overcrossing.
(EA 03-388804)
.zip file (1.84 MB)
YUB 70 Bond Fund Sign YUB 70 Near Marysville, south of Algodon Road at Motorplex Parkway and Route 70. Construct new interchange. Photo 1