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California MUTCD Training

Caltrans is offering limited classes on the California MUTCD based upon request. These classes offer an overview of the combined document with format and new policy changes. Some classes also focus on specific traffic control devices or TCDs in special roadway environments. The target audience includes all trafic control device practitioners in California that are involved in the public and private sectors. This includes Caltrans, Cities, Counties, other public and local agencies such as CPUC or utility companies, the private consultants, vendors and manufacturers involved with traffic control devices within the state.

Please use this "Training Request Form" to request a new class (that is not currently scheduled or listed below). Please DO NOT USE this "Training Request Form" to Register for any currently scheduled classes, use "To Register" column info for that purpose.

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Individual CA MUTCD Parts: .pptx PowerPoint File
Part 0 - Introduction 6.67 MB
Part 1 - General 1.63 MB
Part 2A - Signs 2.94 MB
Part 2B - Signs 6.92 MB
Part 2C - Signs 1.92 MB
Part 2D - Signs 9.75 MB
Part 2E thru 2H - Signs 10.87 MB
Part 2I thru 2N - Signs 10.13 MB
Part 3 - Markings 19.50 MB
Part 4 - Highway Traffic Signals 9.62 MB
Part 5 - Traffic Control Devices for Low-Volume Roads 2.11 MB
Part 6 - Temporary Traffic Control 3.65 MB
Part 7 - Traffic Control for School Areas 1.82 MB
Part 8 - Traffic Control for Rail and Light Rail Transit Crossings 2.67 MB
Part 9 - Traffic Control for Bicycle Facilities 1.53 MB
Date Time Topic Location To Register
November 7, 2013
8:30am - 4:00pm Caltrans/FBA/ITS Tech Transfer's Work Zone Traffic Safety Conference
See Flyer
Caltrans Regional Transportation Management Center / Maintenance Facility San Diego
7179 / 7183 Opportunity Road
San Diego CA 92111
See Flyer and ITS Berkley website for more information.

View Past Training Sessions