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The SHSP is a collaborative process and will be most effective with input from a wide range of people and agencies. The Update team is very interested in your input. Please provide any comments or ideas about how to improve transportation safety in California by clicking here.

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Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Update


The SHSP Update is an opportunity for safety stakeholders to work together to improve highway safety.  Federal regulations also require alignment with other plans including the California Transportation Plan, the California Freight Plan, the Highway Safety Improvement Program, and other plans.

There are many opportunities to be part of the process.  The Steering Committee shapes the direction of the SHSP and provides guidance to Challenge/Emphasis Area teams.  Challenge/Emphasis Area teams each handle a specific area of highway safety, such as Pedestrian Safety or reducing young driver fatalities.  Organizations can request to place a representative on the Steering Committee, organizations and individuals can be part of a Challenge/Emphasis Area team.

Your organization can host the SHSP Update team if your members would like to learn more about the process and how to get involved.

2015 SHSP Update:


Public Input Events (Webinars/Summits)