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California MUTCD 2012

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ATTENTION: 2014 CA MUTCD has been released and available on the 2014 CA MUTCD manual webpage.

As of January 13, 2012 California Department of Transportation has adopted the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (California MUTCD) 2012 edition to provide for uniform standards and specifications for all official traffic control devices in California. This action was taken pursuant to the provisions of California Vehicle Code Section 21400 and the recommendation of the California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC). The Department requested and has received a letter to confirm substantial conformance from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for California MUTCD 2012 edition.

The California MUTCD 2012 edition includes FHWA’s MUTCD 2009 edition dated December 19, 2009, as amended for use in California. The California MUTCD 2012 also includes all policies on traffic control devices issued by the Department since January 21, 2010, and other corrections and format changes that were necessary to update the previous documents.

The California MUTCD 2012 edition supersedes and replaces the previously adopted (on January 21, 2010) California MUTCD as well as Chapters 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, and the traffic signals portion of chapter 9 of the 1996 Caltrans Traffic Manual, as amended, and all previous editions thereof.

List of Significant Changes (compares to CA MUTCD 2010) - file updated 4/9/12
Known Errors - 3/8/13

New as of 1/8/13: The hotlinks version of California MUTCD 2012 is now placed on the California MUTCD web site to assist readers who use the electronic version of the California MUTCD in navigating through the many cross-references that are contained within the Manual. Hotlinks to cross-referenced Part, Chapter, Section, Figure, Table, Page, or Appendix; links to California Vehicle Code; and web sites are all included in this hotlinks version of the California MUTCD 2012.

Instructions on How to Use the New Features of the Hotlinks Version of the California MUTCD 2012:
1. Download: The hotlinked CA MUTCD 2012 pdf and the 2012 California Vehicle Code are listed below in the stand-alone documents. Place both files in the same location (same level) on your computer to use the hotlinks properly. Whether they are in a folder, or anywhere on your computer, as long as they're both in the same physical location on your computer's harddrive.
2. Internal Hotlinks: Anywhere in the document that another Part, Chapter, Section, Figure, Table, Page, or Appendix within the California MUTCD 2012 is referenced, you can select this reference and be navigated to the referenced location within the document. To return to the page that had the hotlink, use the "Left Arrow" key while holding down the "Alt" key, or right-mouse-click and select "Previous View".
3. Links to external documents and web sites: Select in-text web site URLs and references to external documents to open the web page or document in a new window.

*Note about the .pdf files:  Some of the files are very large. If you are having difficulty opening a file within your browser, right-click on the file link, select "Save Target As..." to save directly to your computer, then view the file offline. Allow the file to download completely first (it will take some time) before you attempt to view the file. If you are still having difficulty, please email our webmaster.

Stand-alone Documents:
2012 CA MUTCD California MUTCD
(Entire Document)

(Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction, Parts 1 thru 9,
and Appendix)
248 MB PDF File
2012 Temporary Traffic Controls Temporary Traffic

(Cover, Introduction,
Parts 1, 6 and Appendix)
16.42 MB PDF File
2012 CA MUTCD Highway Traffic Signals and Traffic Control for Railroad and Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings
(Cover, Introduction,
Parts 1, 8, and Appendix)
13.41 MB PDF File
2012 CA MUTCD Hotlinked California MUTCD 2012
(Entire Document)

8.68 MB PDF File

2012 CVC
(required to use hotlinked CA MUTCD above)
11.77MB PDF File
Individual CA MUTCD Parts: PDF File Size:
Part 0: Cover, Table of Contents & Introduction 3.23 MB
Part 1: General 3.60 MB
Part 2: Signs ---
     Part 2 (complete Part 2, 550 pages) 103.20 MB
     Chapters 2A & 2B 28.89 MB
     Chapters 2C through 2F 44.98 MB
     Chapters 2G through 2N 29.92 MB
Part 3: Markings 50.03 MB
Part 4: Highway Traffic Signals 24.60 MB
Part 5: Traffic Control Devices for Low-Volume Roads 636 KB
Part 6: Temporary Traffic Control 37.19 MB
Part 7: Traffic Control for School Areas 7.47 MB
Part 8: Traffic Control for Rail and Light Rail Transit Crossings 10.41 MB
Part 9: Traffic Control for Bicycle Facilities 7.85 MB
Appendix 661KB