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California MUTCD 2010 (ARCHIVE)

Transition to CA MUTCD CA MUTCD CA MUTCD CA MUTCD MUTCD 2003 CA Supplement 1996 Traffic Manual CA MUTCD 1996 Traffic Manual MUTCD 2003 CA Supplement

We are working on getting the CA MUTCD 2010 printed and available for purchase. We should have updated info soon.

For ease of printing, the following documents are available as stand-alone documents and is set up for double-sided printing with blank pages inserted, as appropriate.
*Note about the .pdf files: Some of the following .pdf files are very large. If you are having difficulty opening a file within your browser, right-click on the file link, select "Save Target As..." to save directly to your computer, then view the file offline. If you're still having difficulty, contact webmaster (see webmaster link in footer below).
Stand-alone Documents: File Size:
California MUTCD (Entire Document)
(Cover, Introduction, Parts 1 thru 10 and Appendix)
140.52 MB
Temporary Traffic Controls
(Cover, Introduction, Parts 1, 6 and Appendix)
36.50 MB
Traffic Controls for School Areas
(Cover, Introduction, Parts 1, 7 and Appendix)
4.48 MB
Traffic Controls for Highway-Rail/Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings
(Cover, Introduction, Parts 1, 8, 10 and Appendix)
15.96 MB
Individual CA MUTCD Parts: File Size:
Part 0: Cover, Introduction, and Table of Contents
3.25 MB
Part 1: General
1.83 MB
Part 2: Signs
71.92 MB
Part 3: Markings
31.62 MB
Part 4: Highway Traffic Signals
16.75 MB
Part 5: Traffic Control Devices for Low-Volume Roads
2.91 MB
Part 6: Temporary Traffic Control
33.33 MB
Part 7: Traffic Controls for School Areas
5.82 MB
Part 8: Traffic Controls for Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
6.75 MB
Part 9: Traffic Controls for Bicycle Facilities
8.48 MB
Part 10: Traffic Controls for Highway-Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings
4.86 MB
1.33 MB