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CA Sign Specification Updates

The following updates packages includes a summary sheet plus the individual sign specifications.
Updates Packages
11/7/14 (21 new, 10 revised, 4 (CA) and 6 (Fed) signs deleted)
1/13/12 (18 new, 38 revised, 18 reinstated officially, & 40 deleted sign specs)
1/21/10 (102 new/revised sign specs, revised sign specs appendix, & 8 deleted/superceded sign specs)
1/22/08 (2 sign specs)
11/21/07 (1 sign spec, 1 CA MUTCD figure)
6/14/07 (21 sign specs)
1/31/07 (7 sign specs)
9/28/06 (8 sign specs)
6/05/06 Revision 2 - 7/10/06 (14 sign specs)
6/05/06 Revision 1 - 6/19/06 (20 sign specs)
6/05/06 (22 sign specs)
4/27/05 (18 sign specs)
4/15/05 (38 sign specs)

New/Revised California Sign Specifications - After 11/7/14.
CA Code Sign Description Date
-- -- --
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For Use in California, 7 FHWA RS-series Recreational Area Sign Working Drawings in .pdf and .eps formats,
posted 9/23/2013.
Sign Description  
.pdf file  
.eps file
RS-036 Viewing Area  RS-036.pdf  RS-036.eps  
RS-040 Trailer Site RS-040.pdf  RS-040.eps  
RS-044 Picnic Site RS-044.pdf   RS-044.eps  
RS-054 Boat Ramp  RS-054.pdf  RS-054.eps  
RS-061 Swimming RS-061.pdf RS-061.eps  
RS-068 Hiking Trail RS-068.pdf  RS-068.eps    
RS-076 Wildlife Viewing RS-076.pdf RS-076.eps   

For size information, refer to the sign specification on 2004 Standard Highway Signs Book, Page 3-113 under the “Guide” section, here is the link: (see page 115/168 total pages in the .pdf file).

If 30” size Recreational Series signs are desired, not available per the 2004 SHS Book reference, above, see: for relative sizes for white on brown signs.

Please note:  These working drawings are provided as a courtesy by FHWA’s MUTCD team, until the Standard Highway Signs & Markings Book is published by FHWA to include these sign specifications.

Unofficial California Sign Specifications
CA Code Sign Description Date
R75-1 (CA) CHAIN ON (OFF) AREA AHEAD (NEW - Not officially included in the 2012 CA MUTCD). 5/16/06