California Department of Transportation

Volunteer Program



The Division of Transportation Planning (DOTP) plays a critical role for Caltrans. We are looking for students majoring in Transportation Planning. If you have taken classes in Planning, Urban Planning, City or Regional Planning or related fields of Urban or Regional Studies, Public Policy, Public Administration, Environmental Policy or Studies, Geography, Sociology, Economics, and Civil Engineering, DOTP offers (non-paid) training opportunities that will assist people in fulfilling their career development goals.

Flexibility & Options

Participants in the Program can work a variable schedule to accommodate their needs as well as the needs of Caltrans. A maximum or minimum number of hours are not a requirement of this program. Some volunteers choose to work in fields they are interested in, have current or prior schooling in, or work in areas they know little about to gain exposure to a different career environment.

How to Apply

If you are interested in volunteering, submit an up-to-date resume and a cover letter that clearly states that you would like to volunteer, what type of work experience you would like to gain, and where you are willing to work within California.

Your resume and cover letter will then be submitted to the appropriate hiring authorities in the location(s) where you indicated you are willing to work. Those supervisors who can provide you the relevant work experience that you are seeking will then contact you.



For additional information contact Kevin Chen.