California Department of Transportation

Rotation Program


The Rotation Program is a tool for staff to further their skills, career goals/objectives, and broaden their knowledge, and abilities and is another way of loaning a position to do work for another Division or Program. The survey that the rotatee completes after completing the rotation is also a way to track what has been learned and then finally shows how the new skills learned can be applied towards his or her current position.

Rotations are typically three to six months long. If all parties agree, the rotation assignment may be extended in increments of six months, for a period not to exceed twenty-four months. Rotations are currently funded by the employee's own position, but based on funding needs can be changed to accommodate the district or division. Rotations can either be initiated by a manager or supervisor or by an employee.

The Transportation Planning Rotation Program sustains the single vision and mission of Caltrans—“to provide a safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient transportation system to enhance California's economy and livability”—by promoting a talented and diverse team. The Program accomplishes this objective by providing opportunities to enhance the professional knowledge, skills, and morale of Transportation Planning staff that support the department’s transportation planning activities. Internal (within the department) and external assignments promote understanding and communication between the Department and its many partners.


If you are a supervisor or manager with a rotation opportunity, send an email to Lisa Franco, Rotation Program Manager, with the:

  • Classification;
  • Goal of the rotation - just a brief overview, e.g., to acquire new experience in Regional Planning, etc.;
  • Duration of the rotation;
  • Location, i.e., the physical address to which the rotatee would be assigned.

Be sure to attach a duty statement for the assignment to the email. Lisa will call you to discuss the timeframes, and other pertinent information. Generally, allow 10-15 days from the day you request a rotation to begin an internal rotation, and 30-45 days to begin an external assignment.


If you are an employee interested in a rotation opportunity, discuss your desire with your supervisor to determine the kind of experience that would best advance
your career. This may also be done in concert with your annual IDP (Individual Development Plan) and training plan. Ask her/his assistance in finding a rotation opportunity.
Your existing position is used to fund the rotation. We can also advertise and assist your unit in finding someone to rotate behind you.



You or your supervisor may also contact:

  • Lisa Franco to determine whether there are rotation opportunities available and, if not, to have your name placed in the database of employees interested in rotating. Complete and email the Rotation Program Request Form below to Lisa Franco to be placed in this database.
  • The WDB Professional Development Liaison (PDL) in your district or division for recent updates on opportunities statewide, and your on-site bulletin boards for posted rotation advertisements.
  • Units in which you have an interest in rotating to determine whether there are any opportunities to rotate.