California Department of Transportation

Recruitment Program

Why do we recruit?

The Transportation Planner classification is a difficult classification to recruit. In order to ensure that there will be qualified Planners to fill open positions, we conduct recruitment at colleges and universities on an ongoing basis.

Recruitment is a long-term commitment because it takes time to form relationships with both the students and schools.  Many of the students that we interact with during job fairs are freshman and sophomores. If they are in a planning related major, we can influence them to take specified coursework, and to get job related experience that will ensure that they meet the exam eligibility requirements upon graduation.

The Recruitment Program also provides recruiters the opportunity to attend job fairs to explain the exam process for other job classifications in the Department.  Recruiters also make classroom presentations, and attend faculty staff meetings to explain the process and courses required to become a Transportation Planner at Caltrans. 

How do we select Recruitment Events?

Job fairs are selected based on the majors that are offered at the colleges. Besides Urban Planning and Transportation Planning, we also recruit at schools that offer Urban Studies, Public Administration, Geography, Sociology, Civil Engineering, Economics, Public Policy and Environmental Studies as major areas of study.

How do we select recruiters?

Recruiters are volunteers, and are selected from the various Planning Divisions and Districts around the State.  All recruiters are required to attend a 2 to 3 hour recruitment workshop, which is put on by the Division of Transportation Planning, Workforce Development Branch (WDB).  These workshops are given in the districts with the highest concentration of targeted colleges.  Previous sessions have been held in San Luis Obispo, Oakland, Fresno and Sacramento.  All Transportation Planning staff are welcome to attend, and alumni from targeted schools are particularly encouraged to attend.  The workshops are usually scheduled in the summer.

If you are interested in becoming a recruiter, please contact DOTP’s Recruitment Coordinator, Lisa Franco at (916) 651-6011.