California Department of Transportation

Transportation Planning Field Academy


Our one-week academy provides attendees the opportunity for immersion into the world of transportation planning.  Students are provided opportunities to learn more about local projects and programs, not only from a Caltrans perspective, but including local and regional transportation partnerships as well.  Students will hear a variety of presentations and visit a number of field sites to provide a better understanding of multimodal, integrated, sustainable transportation.  Our students often get the behind-the-scenes visits.  We visit  Transportation Management Centers, walk on the Bay Bridge, and visit the construction sites like the Transbay Terminal project in San Francisco. We visit seaports, airports, railyards, and warehouse distribution centers.  We learn about land-use, environmental issues and processes, and the importance of freight in goods movement.   Best of all, we learn more about each other--Caltrans staff from all districts and from our local partner agencies who are always invited to participate.  If you've never attended an academy, be sure to let your supervisor know you're interested.  If you have attended, but it's been awhile, contact Terri Bridges to see if it's time for a refresher.

Upcoming Field Academy
  • Oakland, D4 - May 18-22, 2015
  • Los Angeles, D7 - August 31 - September 4, 2015
Course Objectives
  • Link the planning process to the bigger picture, and provide participants with hands-on experiences that will help them understand how the State transportation system operates.  Provide a sense of the interdependence of the many components of the system.
  • Allow participants to see innovative planning projects, hear about best practices, and experience the results of effective partnerships, so they can start collecting the tools that will help them become agents for change.
  • Provide participants an opportunity to develop an action plan for applying the lessons they learned  during the class when they return to their jobs.
  • Provide partnership-building and networking opportunities.
  • Assist in career development and succession planning by helping planning staff becomes more knowledgeable and balanced in their points of view.
  • Provide participants with the chance to travel using a number of transportation modes, examine complete streets, and experience challenges to providing multi-modal transportation options. They will have a better sense of how to effectively provide alternative modes and non-motorized/pedestrian options in transportation planning activities.

Target Audience: Transportation Planners who have completed the Basic Transportation Planning Workshop.


Cancellation Policy

10 business days advanced notice


If you have any questions about course development or content, please contact Terri Bridges.