California Department of Transportation

California Statewide Travel Demand Model

The California Statewide Travel Demand Model (CSTDM) is a multimodal, tour-based travel demand model covering the entire state, representing both personal and commercial travel. It incorporates statewide networks for roads, rail, bus, and air travel. It used the 2001 California Household Travel Survey, the 2000 United States Census and incorporated regional estimates of zonal land use, employment, and population for model calibration and base year assigment.

What is the purpose of the CSTDM?

The CSTDM is designed to bring a better estimte of interregional trips to regional travel demand models and to provide long distance travel estimates across multiple regions. The CSTDM is not intended to supplant existing or future travel demand models. Those models are inherently more detailed within their respective areas.

How is the model run?

The model was prepared and is run using CUBE, a commercially available transportation modeling program. Alternative future network and socio-economic scenarios will need to be run on that system.

How was the model prepared?

The current version of the model was constructed by a multi-disciplinary team led by ULTRANS and HBA Specto. This team also prepared the current model documentation and training that is available elsewhere on the website. The model is being updated to incorporate the latest travel survey information from the ongoing 2012 California Household Travel Survey, the 2010 United States Census, and other data provided by out regional and stat partners. The model update is ngoing and is being performed by Cambridge Systematics and HBA Spectro with an estimated completion date of April 2014.

Who will use the CSTDM?

The model will be used by planners in the Caltrans districts, other state agency staff, such as with the California Air Resources Board and the California Energy Commission and planners in the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies.