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The Federal Highway Administration’s National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) team contracted with a survey firm (Westat) to conduct a national household travel survey in 2008-9. NHTS invited state DOTs to supplement the sampling in their areas. Caltrans did so, allocating funds to survey an additional 18,000 households uniformly statewide, except more intensively in San Diego County. The subject households were drawn through random digit dialing of both land lines and cell phones. The survey was conducted nationally from April 2008 through May 2009, and NHTS transmitted the fully detailed, quality assured, California data sets with weights to Caltrans in March 2010 and the Division of Transportation Planning (DOTP), Office of Travel Forecasting and Analysis (OTFA).

In November 2010 NHTS transmitted replacement datasets with revised weights and a few other changes. Subsequently, NHTS made twenty new variables available including Eight Nielsen-Claritas neighborhood characteristic variables, Vehicle specific fuel consumption rate data (MPG) from Energy Information Administration and Vehicle specific annual travel estimates by Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL) from its odometer readings. These weights and variables are in the Version 2.1  data sets and files OTFA maintains.


OTFA provides analytical and data transfer services for internal and partner travel analysts.  

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