California Department of Transportation

Statewide Transportation Projects Inventory (STPI)

The Statewide Transportation Projects Inventory (STPI) is the current collection of statewide multimodal transportation projects’ geospatial data in a repository. STPI displays the current transportation system along with future multimodal projects. The repository contains project data from the 44 MPOs and RTPAs adopted Regional Transportation Plans (RTPs) that shows where transportation investment is planned over the next 20-plus years, and in the near future will include the programmed FTIP/STIP/SHOPP projects. What is included in the current datasets are bicycle and pedestrian, transit, highway and local streets & roads projects, and eventually will include additional airport, seaport, and rail data for the entire state.

The STPI repository and shapefiles are available to download for your GIS software on this webpage, and accessible through Caltrans’ Web Map Gallery for those who do not have GIS software. STPI data download will also be available through Caltrans’ Division of Research, Innovation and System Information’s (DRISI) Office of Data Services and Technology (ODST) GIS Data Library.

STPI Fact Sheet

STPI Statewide [Contact Dakota Smith for passwords]

STPI by District [Contact Dakota Smith for passwords]

STPI Presentation

STPI Speaking Points

STPI Planned Points and Lines

STPI Planeed Points and Lines

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