California Department of Transportation

Transportation Equity Branch


The Transportation Equity Branch promotes the involvement of disadvantaged and underrepresented communities, and Native American tribal governments in the planning for transportation projects. Transportation Equity has a clear focus on transportation and community development issues to prevent or mitigate disproportionate, negative impacts that are traditionally experienced in disadvantaged and underrepresented communities.


Create strategies and implement policies that mitigate impacts and support equal access to a healthy and functional environment by actively promoting early engagement with disadvantaged and traditionally underrepresented communities, who are disproportionately burdened by transportation issues.


Incorporate well informed perspectives from disadvantaged and underrepresented communities into the State’s transportation planning and decision making process to create a system where environmental burdens and benefits are experienced equally among communities.


  • Provide assistance in the planning process to ensure disadvantaged communities’ opinions are considered early on in the State transportation plans;
  • Direct grant funding to disadvantaged and underrepresented communities;
  • Minimize greenhouse gas emission and noise pollution in disadvantaged and underrepresented communities;
  • Ensure disadvantaged and underrepresented communities have equal access to transit;
  • Reduce disproportionate impacts caused by transportation projects in disadvantaged and underrepresented communities;
  • Fairly distribute the benefits of transportation projects and policy decisions

Resources & Tools

Final Products & Fact Sheets

An online library of final products and fact sheets beginning with grants awarded in FY 06-07. The Environmental Justice and Community-Based Transportation Planning grant programs promoted a balanced, comprehensive and multi-modal transportation system. These were discretionary programs that provided key methods by which many California Communities planned for closer connection between transportation and land use.


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C. Edward Philpot Jr.
Transportation Equity Branch
Office of Regional Planning
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