California Department of Transportation

Climate Change Assessment

Caltrans Activities to Address Climate Change - Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Adapting to Impacts

This report provides a comprehensive overview of activities undertaken by Caltrans statewide to reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our operations and adapt the State's highway system to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Addressing Climate Change Adaptation in Regional Transportation Plans: A Guide for California MPOs and RTPAs

The 2010 RTP Guidelines currently provides little direction for regions to analyze and address climate change adaptation. This effort will provide a clear methodology for regional agencies to address climate change impacts through adaptation of transportation infrastructure. The purpose of this manual is to expand knowledge and develop tools that will assist California MPOs and RTPAs with incorporating climate change impacts into planning, design, engineering, and operational decisions.

Guidance for Incorporating Sea Level Rise in the Project Initiation Document Process

The Caltrans Divisions of Environmental Analysis, Design and Transportation Planning have developed a guidance document for incorporating sea level rise into the project planning process. The documents include a technical guidance for the engineering design and a planning level document to determine what projects should consider sea level rise.

Both documents will be updated to include the sea level rise projections from the National Academies of Sciences study (above).

  • Project Completion: May 2011