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Do non-STIP Projects Require a PID?

Yes.  Streets and Highways Code Section 137 states that Caltrans “shall determine the kind, quality, and extent of all highway work done under its control, and may prepare and approve all plans, specifications, and estimates for all such work.” 

Because Caltrans is responsible for protecting the public's investment in the SHS, Caltrans must review all proposed highway improvements that are funded by others.  This includes reviewing and approving locally-developed PIDs for projects funded through the STIP, local sales tax measures, local fund sources, and private funds. 

Early discussions with Caltrans (beginning in the PID phase) to establish the viability of the proposals, procedural requirements, and the schedule for various project deliverables is critical. 

These discussions along with the approval of the PID help Caltrans to

  • Ensure that the proposed scope for local projects are consistent with Caltrans’ standards and policies, and
  • Determine future maintenance needs and costs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Do non-STIP projects require a PID?

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