California Department of Transportation

SHOPP Project Initiation Report (PIR) Guidance

2015 PIR Workshop and Training

2015 Completed PIRs

Project EA Project Route
04-0J540K CC-24
04-0J630K SOL-12
04-0J800K SCL-152
04-1J780K ALA/CC-80,84,880,680,24
04-2J670K ALA-238
04-2J830K ALA-80,580,880
04-2J840K MRN-101,116,128
04-0J720K SM-280
04-2J000K CC-4
04-2J440K ALA-92
04-0J530K ALA-880
04-0J630K SOL-12
04-1J360K SON-1
04-1J970K SCL-17
04-2J830K ALA-80,580,880
07-31220K VEN-126
07-31270K VEN-101
07-31280K LA-14
07-31230K LA-14
07-31240K VEN-126
07-31250K LA-5
08-1C680K RIV-74,79,371
08-1F140K RIV-15
08-1F440 SBD-10
08-1F430 SBD-10
08-1F450 SBD-10
08-1C570 RIV-15
08-1C660 RIV-215
08-1F600K RIV-79
10-1C090 SJ-4
12-0N640K ORA-5
12-0N650K ORA-5
12-0N990K ORA-39
12-0N660K ORA-133
12-0N720K ORA-73
12-0P080K ORA-405
12-0N910K ORA-1
12-0N930K ORA-55
12-0N920K ORA-22
12-0N900K  ORA-57
12-0O420K ORA-5
12-0P410K ORA-91
12-0P090K ORA-5
12-0M090K ORA-74



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is a PID required?

Do non-STIP projects require a PID?

What type of projects can utilize the streamlined PID process?

PID Reimbursement FAQs [PDF]