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The Office of Workforce Development (OWD) provides information and guidance to planning staff in order to enhance and encourage career development and upward mobility.





The Office of Workforce Development (OWD) offers quality training to Transportation Planners, Planning Staff, and Partner Agencies. The training provides opportunities to Planning Staff to excel and achieve their personal goals, as well as the goals of Caltrans. OWD is responsible for registration, instructor, and classroom costs; the attendees’ District or Program is responsible for any travel and per diem costs.

If you are interested in attending any of the training courses that OWD offers, please contact your designated Training Coordinator.

OWD coordinates with other districts and divisions with the help of Professional Development Liaisons (PDLs), who act as a conduit between Planning staff, management, and OWD. PDLs mentor employees, disseminate information on training, rotations, and other development opportunities. They assist in identifying future training needs for the district, and facilitate and/or conduct college recruitment. Each district/division PDL is the single point of contact for communication from OWD to the district/division, and is the person to contact for additional training information.

Training Coordinators disseminate training announcements internally to Caltrans employees and externally to partner agencies. Training coordinators ensure that any existing criteria for attendance in the class are met prior to name submission. Training Coordinators also ensure the selected nominee is able to attend and has approval by his/her supervisor for attendance prior to name submittal.

Training Coordinators and PDLs work hand in hand with one another to provide information and guidance to planning staff to enhance and encourage career development and upward mobility. In smaller districts, one person may act as both PDL and Training Coordinator. In larger districts a PDL and a Training Coordinator may be two separate individuals.