Past Planning Horizons

Number Topic Speaker(s) Date
66 High Speed Rail, Internationa, USA and California Rod Diridon, Sr., Executive Director, Mineta Transportation Institute - Video June 3, 2010


Future of Caltrans Cindy McKim, Caltrans, Chief Deputy Director - Video May 5, 2010
64 Central Habitat Connectivity Project Amy Pettler, Caltrans, Environmental, Central Habitat Connectivity Project Video & Handout April 7, 2010


CAL-Fire, Issues We Have in Common

John Melvin, State Urban Forester, CAL-FIRE, "Issues We Have in Common" Video

March 3, 2010
62 Professional Development Fair Peter Haas, Mineta,
Allen Folks & Randy Chafin, ULI, Myriam Frausto, WTS, Jeff Henderson, APA Video
February 4, 2010
61 Assembly Transportation Committee Janet Dawson, Chief consultant, Assembly Transportation Committee Video December 14, 2009
60 What’s New in Leg Affairs? Richard Harmon, Assistant Deputy director, Division Legislative Affairs
Video Presentation
November 4, 2009
59 Bicycling – A Transportation Choice

Ken McGuire, Bicycle Facilities Chief
Ann Mahaney, Bicycle Transportation Account Manager
Video Presentation
SFPD Bike Safety PSA
Long Beach Bike Safety PSA

October 7, 2009
58 Data’s Relationship to Good Planning Coco Briseno, Chief, Division of TSI (Transportation System Information) September 2, 2009
57 Meet the new Deputy Director for Planning and Modal Programs Martin Tuttle, Deputy Director for Planning and Modal Programs
Video Presentation
June 23, 2009
56 Media Relations 101 Tamie McGowan, Assistant Deputy Director, Public Affairs
Video Presentation
June 3, 2009
55 Effective Public Engagement Techniques and Strategies Daniel Iacofano, Ph.D., FAICP, ASLA, Principal, MIG Inc.
Video Presentation, Powerpoint Slides
April 22, 2009
54 Advice From Your Partners In Legal David McCray, Assistant Chief Counsel, CT Legal
Video Presentation, Powerpoint Slides
March 4, 2009
53 Mineta Institute Peter Haas, San Jose State University, Mineta Institute, Professor and Education Director
Video Presentation, Powerpoint Slides, Website
February 4, 2009
52 Innovation: Making Research a Reality Larry Orcutt, Division Chief, Division of Research & Innovation
Video Presentation
January 7, 2009
51 LGC’s Role in Building Livable Communities and Sustainable Transportation Judy Corbett, Executive Director, Local Government Commission
Video Presentation
December 18, 2008
50 Transportation and the Environment in China, A View from Lanzhou Province Ministry of Highways Roy Taian Li, Visiting Scholar at the UC Davis Road Ecology Center;
Dr. Fraser Shilling, UC Davis Road Ecology Center,
Amy Pettler, Caltrans, Division of Environmental Analysis
Video Presentation, Overview
August 28, 2008
49 An Update on the STIP, SHOPP, CTC And Division of Transportation Programming Rachel Falsetti, Division Chief, Division of Transportation Programming
Video Presentation, Powerpoint Slides
July 16, 2008
48 Behind The Fix I-5 Project – What, When, Where and Why From District 3 Marlo Tinney, Caltrans, District 3, I-5 Corridor Planning Manager
Video Presentation, Powerpoint Slides
May 28, 2008
47 What Part Does Transportation Play in Tackling Climate Change & Greenhouse Gas Emissions? Sandra Goldberg, Attorney Generals Office;
Reza Navi, Caltrans, Office of Policy Analysis & Research;
Gordon Garry, SACOG, Dir. Of Research & Analysis
Video Presentation, Powerpoint Slides
March 12, 2008
46 Modeling for Regional and Interregional Planning Mike McCoy UC Davis; Gordon Garry SACOG;
Jerry Walters Fehr & Peers

Video Presentation

Powerpoint Slides

January 24, 2008
45 Building Bridges Between Planning and Structure Construction Dolores Valls, Deputy Division Chief, Structure Construction
Video Presentation, Powerpoint Slides
December 20, 2007
44 Caltrans in Transit Susan Harrington, Division of Mass Transportation
Judith MacBrine, Division of Mass Transportation
Video Presentation, Powerpoint Slides
October 25, 2007
43 PLAN MOVE PROSPER: Integrated Transportation Plan for the Northern San Joaquin Valley Bruce Race, FAIA, AICP, RACESTUDIO
Video Presentation
August 30, 2007
42 Corridor System Management Planning John Wolf, Division of Traffic Operations,
Pat Weston, Division of Transportation Planning
Video Presentation, Powerpoint Slides
May 31, 2007
41 Transportation Planning for Livable Communities Ryan Snyder, President, Ryan Snyder Associates, LLC
Video Presentation, Powerpoint Slides
March 22, 2007
40 Strategic Growth Plan - Where Do We Go From Here? Will Kempton, Director, Department of Transportation
Video Presentation
January 24, 2007
39 What is Regional Blueprint, Anyway? Sharon Scherzinger, Marilee Mortenson, Jake Smith, Mahmoud Mahdavi, Division of Transportation Planning
Video Presentation, Powerpoint Slides
September 12, 2006
38 The Secretary’s/Administration’s Vision for Transportation Sunne Wright McPeak, Secretary, Business, Transportation and Housing Agency
Video Presentation
August 16, 2006
37 Planning – Your Future R. Gregg Albright, Deputy Director for Planning and Modal Programs
Powerpoint Slides
May 9, 2006
36 Maintaining Sacramento’s role as a significant transportation hub. Jack O’Connell
Powerpoint Slides, PDF Flyer
March 14, 2006
35 Goods Movement presentation on, Ports of Entry and Border Issues Melisa Montemayor, Texas DOT
Richard Nordahl, Planning, Office of Goods Movement,
Bill Figge, Dist. Deputy Dir., Dist. 11,
Mark Baza,
Sergio Parada, also District 11.
Powerpoint Slides
January 12, 2006 (in San Diego)
34 California BusPool Project (identifying priority park & ride and HOV transit enhancements) Peter Steinert, Division of Mass Trans.Antonette Clark, Division of Design
Powerpoint Slides
September 13, 2005
33 Walkable Community Workshops(the latest concepts in community design and traffic operations) Lisa Cirill, and Lindsey Cox, California Center for Physical Activity, Dept. of Health Services July 26, 2005
32 PECAS, (Production, Exchange and Consumption Allocation System) Dr. Douglas Hunt, Prof. Of Civil Engineering, Univ. of Calgary
Video Presentation
June 6, 2005
31 Delivery of Traveler Information, in CA, in Caltrans, & Thru the Industry (511) David Lively, Caltrans, Systems Branch
Video Presentation
May 10, 2005
30 Urban Sprawl and Public Health Richard Jackson, MD, MPH, State Public Health Office, Department of Health Services
Video Presentation, Powerpoint Slides
March 8, 2005
29 Chat with the Director Will Kempton, Director, Department of Transportation
Brian Smith, Deputy Director of Planning and Modal Programs
Video Presentation
February 16, 2005
28 North Region Geographic Information System Tool (NRGIST) Bruce De Terra, Chief, Office of Transportation Planning – District 03, North, and staff
Video Presentation
January 11, 2005
27 BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Peter Albert, Manager, BART Planning/San Francisco and West Bay
Powerpoint Slides, Video Presentation
December 14, 2004
26 What Do The Election Results Mean For Caltrans Janet Dawson, Assistant Deputy Director, Legislative Affairs
Video Presentation
November 9, 2004
25 San Joaquin Valley Growth Response Study Georgiena Vivian, VRPA Technologies, Inc., Consultant Project Manger, and Panel speakers.
Powerpoint Slides
September 30, 2004
24 Civil Rights Dean Lan, Chief, Office of Equal Opportunity, Department EEO and Affirmative Action Programs
Video Presentation
August 10, 2004
23 Mineta Transportation Institute Peter Haas, Ph.D., Education Dir., Mineta Trans. Institute, San Jose State Univ.
Video Presentation
July 13, 2004
22 Innovative Financing Ruthanne Taylor Berger, Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG)
Mike Yee, Caltrans, Division of Innovative Finance
June 8, 2004
21 Division of Mass Transportation/Transit Outreach Peter Steinert, Transit Outreach & Enhancements,
Jake Smith, Transit Dev. Act (TDA) and Transit
May 27, 2004
20 Opening the Doors to Infill Housing Professor John Landis, UC Berkeley, City and Regional Planning May 11, 2004
19 Regional Transit Beverly Scott, General Manager, Sacramento Regional Transit
Video Presentation
April 13, 2004
18 I-5 Riverfront Connection Project City of Sacramento
Video Presentation
March 24, 2004
17 Pavement 101 Bill Farnbach, Chief, Office of Pavement Design
Video Presentation
Highway Design Manual
March 9, 2004
16 Basics on Retirement, Including Service Credit & AB719 (ARS) CalPERS, Retirement Planning February 10, 2004
15 Expectations for 2004 STIP & Statewide Garvee Program Joan Borucki, Chief Deputy Director, California Transportation Commission
Video Presentation
January 13, 2004
14 Division of Transportation System Information (TSI) Paulette Lautaret
Leo Gallagher
Clarence Mitchell
Daniel Cherry, Caltrans, Division of Transportation System Information
Nov. 12, 2003
13 SACOG Blueprint Planning Project Mike McKeever – SACOG, Manager, Blueprint Project
Video Presentation
Sept. 9, 2003
12 CT Employees Health, Safety, Wellbeing and EAP Sally Skidgel – Health & Wellness Specialist and EAP Corrdinator
Rick Carey – Safety Specialist
Video Presentation Part 1
Video Presentation Part 2
Aug. 12, 2003
11 Arroyo Seco Parkway Diane Kane— Ph.D., Architectural Historian, Caltrans, Environmental Planning, District 7.
Video Presentation
July 8, 2003
10 Environmental Justice in Transportation Reza Navai Division of Transportation Planning
Norman Doug, Office of Policy Analysis & Research
Video Presentation
June 10, 2003
09 Innovative Mobility Options Linda Novick, UC BerkeleyKen McGuire, Local Programs, Bicycle Facilities Unit
Maggie O'Mara, Non-motorized Trans. Design Reviewer
Jeffrey Spencer, New Technology
Video Presentation
May 13, 2003
08 CalPERS Benefits and CalPERS Retirement Planning Sabrina Trafton, CalPERS
Video Presentation - General Member Presentation (morning)
Video Presentation - Retirement Planning (afternoon)
April 15, 2003
07 Bus Rapid Transit Azadeh Doherty, Sacramento Regional Transit Bruce Deterra, Caltrans District 03
Video presentation
March 11, 2003
06 Traffic Operations Division Jack Boda, Chief, Division of Traffic Operations|
Video presentation
Jan. 7, 2003
05 Airports Need Planning Too Bob Moore, Chief, Office of Aviation Technical Ser.
Ron Bolyard
, Aviation Planner
Nov. 12, 2002
04 Future Transportation Trends and Demographics in California Professor Randy Crane & Professor Abel Valenzuela, UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies School of Public Policy & Social Research Sept. 5, 2002
03 Transportation Information Resources

Laurel Clark, Sup. Librarian II
Shirleigh Brannon, History Librarian

July 9, 2002
02 Surface Transportation Policy Project James Corless May 14, 2002
01 Goods Movement

LaDonna DiCamillo, Burlington No. Santa Fe Railway
Gordon Palmer, Port of StocktonWarren Hoemann, CA Trucking Association
Richard Nordahl, Chief, Office of Goods Movement
PowerPoint Slides

March 12, 2002