California Department of Transportation

Caltrans Truck Survey


The Caltrans Truck Survey is an effort being led by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to collect data on the physical and operational characteristics of the State’s commercial vehicle population.  The Caltrans Truck Survey, modeled after the National Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey (VIUS) that was discontinued in 2002, will provide the information necessary to inform and improve infrastructure planning efforts across the state.


Data will be collected via surveys that focus on freight related vehicles operating in California, with questions designed to obtain annual freight truck activities, operational characteristics, physical characteristics, and the types of commodities carried at the state level.  The survey results are also expected to yield key insights on the inventory and flow of different types of commodities and commercial vehicle fleets that are critical for statewide freight travel demand modeling, the Freight Mobility Plan, as well as informing Caltrans about needed improvements to facilitate freight movement within California.  This survey project is a critical component for updating the California Statewide Freight Model and the California Statewide Travel Demand Model.

Consultant Team

Cambridge Systematics is the prime contractor on this project and will be conducting the survey in collaboration with several sub-consultants, including American Transportation Research Institute, Redhill Group Inc., CALSTART, Fehr & Peers, Franklin Hill Group, and Quetica LLC. Together, the team brings unparalleled expertise in commercial vehicle survey design and implementation.

The survey will begin in early 2016 and will continue through the first half of 2017.  Data will be collected using several methods, including;

  • Telephone interviews
  • On line surveys
  • Paper and pencil surveys
  • In-Vehicle GPS (for a subset of respondents)

For more information on the project please contact Kalin Pacheco or Nick Deal

Kalin Pacheco -- (916) 654-6943

Nick Deal -- (916) 654-4853