California Department of Transportation

Office of Multi-Modal System Planning

The Division of Transportation Planning, Office of Multi-Modal System Planning, is located in the Department of Transportation Sacramento Headquarters building.

The major responsibilities of the Office of Multi-Modal System Planning (OMSP) is to support development and implementation of strategic and statewide plans as well as project development and operational improvement through policies, procedures, tools, analysis, training, technical assistance, and development of work program and a statewide list of priority projects.

OMSP is comprised of two interrelated key functions – System Planning and Travel Forecasting and Analysis.  The System Planning through its multiple products provides regional and interregional context and a framework for future improvements.  The travel forecasting and modeling provides a package of tools, data, and modeling analysis to support system planning products and other planning and project development efforts.

The Office of Multi-Modal System Planning includes the following Programs:

System Planning Branch - contact Rusty Thorton, (916) 653-4590

Planning for Operations and Intelligent Transportation Systems - contact Erik Alm, (916) 653-3874

Statewide Modeling and Simulation - contact Nick Deal, (916) 654-4853

Performance Measures 3 - contact Nick Deal, (916) 654-4853

Statewide Freight Forecasting and Analysis - contact Nick Deal, (916) 654-4853

Statewide Travel Analysis Branch - contact Soheila Khoii, (916) 651-7578

Statistical Analysis Branch - contact Leonard Seitz, (916) 654-2610

California Statewide Modeling Advisory Committee – contact Kelly Eagan, (916) 651-8199


Scott Sauer, Chief
Office of Multi-Modal System Planning
Division of Transportation Planning
(916) 653-4680