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Environmental Regulation of Trucks

Environmental Regulation of Trucks

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is responsible for developing statewide programs and strategies to reduce the emission of smog-forming pollutants and toxics by diesel-fueled mobile sources.  Several of their programs and strategies are related to heavy-duty trucks.  The ARB also offers financial assistance for retrofitting, repowering, or replacing trucks to reduce emissions. 

Additional information can be found at the following ARB web pages:

  • The Truck Stop web page has information on clean air requirements for diesel vehicles, trailers, transport refrigeration units (TRUs), and on funding.  ARB’s diesel hotline is (866) 634-3735 or (866) 6-DIESEL.
  • On-Road Diesel Activities web page includes information on the Heavy-Duty In-Use Vehicle Regulation and the Port Trucks / Drayage Trucks Regulation, and related links on financial assistance programs.
  • Drayage trucks web page outlines the compliance options for owners of drayage trucks to upgrade or replace truck engines in accordance with current regulations. 
  • ARB’s required registration for drayage trucks is also available online at this link. All trucks must be registered prior to port or rail yard entry.  A fact sheet on ARB’s Drayage Truck Registry is available here.
  • Requirements for Diesel Truck and Equipment Owners Fact Sheet (includes information about grants to help fleets and individuals comply with California regulations).  
  • Heavy-Duty Vehicle Air Quality Loan Program Fact Sheet provides information about a State loan program to provide financial assistance to truckers affected by the Statewide In-Use Bus and Truck Rule and the Heavy-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Measure.
  • Funding Fact Sheet for Retrofits and Upgrades also provides information about incentive funding (over $1 billion) available for on-road heavy-duty diesel vehicle replacements and retrofits.

Also see the Office of System and Freight Planning’s Environmental Considerations web page for additional information.

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