California Department of Transportation

Office of Community Planning HQ Contacts

The Office of Community Planning (OCP) works to improve our local planning partnership through our involvement in the development of land uses that site jobs near homes, and retain a safe and efficient State Highway System. The office emphasizes the need for community-sensitive approaches to multi-modal transportation and land use decisions. OCP also works to enhance Caltrans' leadership role in the development and delivery of transportation projects that are consistent with community values and therefore enjoy public support.


Office of Community Planning

Alyssa Begley
Chief, Office of Community Planning
Telephone: (916) 651-6882
1120 N Street, MS-32
Sacramento, CA 95814
PO Box 942874, MS-32
Sacramento, CA 95274-0001


Grants / Public Engagement

C. Edward Philpot, Jr.
Chief, Grants & Public Engagement Branch
Office of Community Planning
(916) 653-8817

Jennifer Duran
Associate Transportation Planner
(916) 654-6236

Bruce Kemp
Associate Transportation Planner
(916) 654-2389

CBTP and EJ District Contacts (July 21, 2011)


Native American Liaison Branch

Lonora Graves
Chief, Native American Liaison Branch
(916) 653-6315

Kimberly Johnston-Dodds
Associate Transportation Planner
(916) 651-6527

Bennie Lee
Associate Transportation Planner
(916) 651-8201

Local Development-Intergovernmental Review (LD-IGR) Program

Terri Pencovic
Chief, LD-IGR Program Branch
(916) 653-1067
Josh Pulverman
Associate Transportation Planner
(916) 653-0808
Jesse Robertson
Associate Transportation Planner
(916) 651-8201


Sustainable Mobility

Ann Mahaney
Branch Chief, Sustainable Mobility
Office of Community Planning
(916) 653-4097

Emily Mraovich
Transportation Planner
(916) 653-3087


Transit Planning Branch

Chris Ratekin
Senior Transportation Planner
(916) 653-4615