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High-Speed Rail Transit Connectivity Program

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Connecting California California's Transportation System

The Division of Transportation Planning’s High-Speed Rail Transit Connectivity Program (HSR-TCP) was created on July 1, 2012 to assist Caltrans California Intercity Rail (CIR), California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA), regional and local agencies, and transit operators in establishing healthy, sound multimodal transportation connections critical for the success of the HSR blended system.


Statutes related to California High-Speed Rail and multimodal connectivity:

Transit Connectivity Activities

The HSR-TCP is focused on the following activities:

  • Assisting in the development of station area plans;
  • Developing transportation and land use connections critical to multimodal connectivity;
  • Developing long-term strategies, policies, and strategic plans to improve and ensure connectivity of the State's transportation system, while protecting the environment and affected communities;
  • Building partnerships with tribal governments, regional and local governments, transit operators, partner agencies, and stakeholders;


Station area planning provides the opportunity for federal, state, region, and local partners to enhance the integration of passenger transportation and land use, while enhancing national, state, regional and local economic growth and vitality.

Station Area Planning

California High-Speed Rail Stations are envisioned to be multimodal transportation hubs that will provide linkages with local and regional non-motorized transportation, transit, airports, and highways.   


Project Manager

The HSR-TCP project manager, located in the Headquarters Office in Sacramento, manages the overall High-Speed Rail Transit Connectivity Program, provides guidance to district staff, as well collaborates with transit partners and local, regional and state agencies. 

Chris Ratekin
Transit Connectivity Project Manager
(916) 653-4615

District Technical Assistance

District technical assistants’ provide direct technical support and coordination to major transit agencies providing connectivity to the HSR and feeder services, including transit and land use planning, bus rapid transit, and park and ride.

Wingate Lew
District 4 CIR / HSR Transit Connectivity Technical Assistant
(510) 622-5432 

Paul Albert Marquez
District 6 CIR / HSR Transit Connectivity Technical Assistant
(559) 445-5867 

Alec Kimmel
District 6 CIR / HSR Transit Connectivity Technical Assistant
(559) 488-4325

Kirk Schneider
District 7 CIR / HSR Transit Connectivity Technical Assistant
(213) 897-1902

Tom Dumas
District 10 CIR / HSR Transit Connectivity Technical Assistant
(209) 941-1921