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Caltrans' System Planning Branch provides planning data and analysis for long-term interregional transportation and statewide travel. 

Through a series of system planning documents, current and future deficiencies on the state highway system are identified, in addition to improvements for meeting mobility goals. 

These documents include:

  • Transportation Concept Report (TCR)
  • Corridor System Management Plan (CSMP)
  • Transportation System Development Program (TSDP)
  • District System Management Plan (DSMP)





The DSMP communicates Caltrans' priorities
and strategies for route and system development
to the Department and local agencies.

The CSMP identifies ways to increase transporation options, decrease congestion, and improve travel times on California's most heavily congested travel corridors.

The TCR identifies deficiencies and
improvements for each route within a district.

The TSDP prioritizes funding
and implementation strategies.