California Department of Transportation

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CSMP Development Process


CSMPs integrate and coordinate all travel modes in a corridor including highways, parallel and connecting roadways, public transit
and bikeways - with intelligent transportation systems and transit strategies.

CSMPs Identify Transportation Improvement Funding Needs

In major travel corridors, Caltrans and its partners will analyze the causes of and develop solutions for traffic congestion. Each Corridor
System Management Plan will entail six steps:

  1. Define the corridor limits and transportation network to be managed and identify and ensure the involvement of stakeholders in
    the project development team.
  2. Identify performance measures and summarize existing travel conditions along the corridor.
  3. Inventory existing system management practices along the corridor.
  4. Identify the key corridor mobility challenges.
  5. Prepare a corridor management strategy, including proposed detection and monitoring strategies, needed capital improvement
    projects, and the roles and responsibilities of each jurisdiction and agency in the daily and long-term corridor management process.
  6. Implement and update the CSMP.