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System Planning documents can be accessed by clicking on the links in the tables below.


Golden Gate

District 4 - SR-1
Golden Gate Bridge


District 4, Alameda County
I-80 at Powell Street

I80 toll plaza

District 4, Oakland
I-80 Toll Plaza






Begins Development in 2012


d4 map


Available Transportation Concept Reports (TCR)

Transportation Concept Reports provide a long-term (20 years or more) plan for the route. A TCR identifies current operating conditions, future deficiencies, a target lovel of service (LOS) for each segment in that route, and improvements needed to sustain or reach those targets.

SR 1
SR 9 SR 12 SR 25 SR 61 SR 77
SR 113 SR 128 SR 160 SR 185 SR 237 SR 37
SR 260 \SR 262 I-280 I-680
I-680 Solano
SR 87 I-580 Central SR 92 SR 116 SR 130 SR 112
I-980 I-580 West SR 123 SR 4 SR 85 I-380
SR-109/114 I-80 SFOBB SR 131 SR 13    


Available Corridor System Management Plans (CSMP)

SR 24 SR 84


Available Comprehensive Corridor Plans (CCP)

I-80 East US 101 North US 101 South


Available Corridor Plans (CP)

Corridor Plans define long-range corridor concept and provide guidance about improvements needed for future demands on the State Highway System. They are being developed for many State Routes in the district.

SR 152 SR 238 SR 242 I-505


Available Transportation Corridor Concept Reports (TCCR)

Transportation Corridor Concept Reports provide a specific "highway operation concept configuration" for the year 2025. They were prepared in 2002/2003 for 24 major State route corridors. These documents are for discussion and information only.

SR 1   SR17 /
SR 24 SR 29 SR 37 SR 84
SR 87 SR 92 SR 101 SR 152 SR 237 I-80 I-80 (Bay Bridge)
I-280 I-580 East I-580 West I-680 North I-680 South I-880 North I-880 South






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