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System Planning documents can be accessed by clicking on the links in the tables below.


Antlers Bridge

District 2 - Interstate 5
Antlers Brige over Lake Shasta

Girder Placement Image

District 2 - Interstate 5, Shasta County
Girder Placement, Sacramento River at Anderson


District 2 - Interstate 5
Shasta County, Advanced Curve Warning


D2 map


Available Transportation Concept Reports (TCR)

Corridor System Management Plans (CSMP)





INTEGRATED DATA COLLECTION AND MANAGEMENT PLAN for the Shasta County South Central Urban Region (SCUR)

ORIGIN AND DESTINATION STUDY - This study evaluated travel patterns on State and Interstate Routes in northern Tehama and southern Shasta Counties. Copies of the final report (34" X 23") full color, two-sides brochure are available upon request.

FIX 5 - This Grant funded study was conducted in cooperation with the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency and the Tehama County Transportation Commission. It identified needed improvements on Interstate 5 and a possible regional traffic impact fee program. Final study documents are available form the respective agencies.


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