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System Planning Documents

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Calrans District 10 Website


System Planning documents can be accessed two ways:

  • Access documents by clicking the text links in the table to the right.

Snow Removal Image

District 10 - Calaveras County
State Route 4

Amador Bypass Image

District 10 - Amador County
State Route 49, Amador Bypass

I-5 Image

District 10 - Interstate 5
from SR-152 to I-580

map SR 4 SR 108 I 205 and I 5 links SR 219 SR 99 Stanislaus SR 99 Merced SR 99 San Joaquin



Available Transportation Concept Reports (TCR)



Corridor System Management Plans (CSMP)

State Route 29 link State Route 128 link State Route 175 link State Route 222 link State Route 253 link State Route 281 link State Route 20 link STATE ROUTE 1 LINK STATE ROUTE 20 LINK STATE ROUTE 29 LINK STATE ROUTE 53 LINK US 101 LINK STATE ROUTE 128 LINK STATE ROUTE 162 LINK STATE ROUTE 175 LINK STATE ROUTE 222 LINK STATE ROUTE 253 LINK STATE ROUTE 271 LINK STATE ROUTE 281 LINK STATE ROUTE 20 EAST LINK



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