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System Planning Documents

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Calrans District 1 Website


System Planning documents can be accessed by clicking on the links in the tables below.



District 1 - Humboldt County
Elk by State Route 101



District 1 - Humboldt County
State Route 255
Eureka Channel Bridge


District 1 - Humboldt County
US 101, Roundabouts in Aracata


district 1 linkable map




Available Transportation Concept Reports (TCR)
SR-1 SR-20
(West of 101)
(East of 101)
SR-36 SR-53
SR-96 US-101 SR-128 SR-162 SR-169 SR-175
SR-197 US-199 SR-200 SR-211 SR-222 SR-253
SR-254 SR-255 SR-271 SR-281 SR-283 SR-299



Corridor System Management Plans (CSMP)
not available



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