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Integrating Modal Plans

The CTP will integrate findings and recommendations from the five Caltrans statewide long-range modal plans.

Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan

The 2011 Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan (ITSP) is being created by Caltrans to provide updated guidance for statewide transportation system development that connects California's major urban areas and regions via highway and passenger rail. This update to the original 1998 ITSP will reflect legislative and policy changes affecting highway planning, identify route improvements that have occurred since the 1998 plan, and address new matters that were at issue in 1998. This update does not remove or add routes as compared with the previous plan. The 2011 update is expected to be completed by the end of 2011.


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The Department of Transportation is updating the Goods Movement Action Plan (GMAP) under the title, "California Freight Mobility Plan." The GMAP was issued by the California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency (Agency) and the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) in two phases in 2005 and 2007. Caltrans expects to again partner with the Agency, Cal/EPA, and others on the Freight Mobility Plan. The schedule calls for a draft plan to be developed for the December 2012 CIB Interim Report and a final plan, using modeling tools that are currently under development, to be completed by 2015 for incorporation into the California Transportation Plan.


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The Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act (PRIIA) of 2008 requries that a state rail plan be developed and updated every five years. In addition, California Government Code Section 14036 requires the California Department of Transportation to complete a 10-year rail plan with both passenger and freight rail elements, and that the rail plan be updated every two years.


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The California Department of Transportation, Division of Mass Transportation's (DMT) primary responsibility is the oversight and administration of State and federal grant programs that provide funding for operating assistance and capital improvement projects. DMT encourages the development of mass transportation throughout the state, partnering with transit stakeholders, to help find solutions for an efficient transit system.


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Caltrans Division of Aeronautics (DOA) prepares the various "Elements" that collectively make up the California Aviation System Plan (CASP). Because the State of California does not own or operate any of the 246 public-use airports in the State, the DOA assumes an oversight role in in helping integrate airports and heliports into multimodal transportation planning. The primary goal is for all Californians to enjoy the economic development, public safety, and recreation benefits of a full-integrated system of air facilities.


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Caltrans has adopted "Toward an Active California," the State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (updated 6/17/17: low resolution version - 6MB (PDF) high resolution version - 20MB (PDF) ). This document is California’s first statewide plan that lays out the policies and actions that Caltrans and its partner agencies will take to achieve the department’s ambitious statewide goals to double walking and triple bicycling trips by 2020.