California Department of Transportation

Reading Information

Before driving, check with the Caltrans Highway Information Network (CHIN) 800.427.7623

  • There is only one highway file for each route.
  • Many of the files will contain information for more than one area of the state.
  • The files have been set up so that each area the route travels through will have a section for information.
  • If you click on Interstate 5 in the "Northern California Map" look for the section in the file for "Northern California". If nothing is listed for that area the statement, "No traffic restrictions are reported for this area." will appear under the section heading.
  • Information is entered in the files on EVEN numbered routes from West to East and on ODD numbered routes from South to North.
  • Information under each heading will be shown as follows:
    Traction Device Controls
    1-Way Controlled Traffic
    and Advisories.
  • Advisories are information such as dense fog, high winds or lane reductions. This information is placed under each section in the West to East and South to North orientation.

Please review the information illustrated below:

route page example with markups