California Department of Transportation

Division of Rail


Crystal Ortiz
Branch Chief

(916) 654-6538

Operations Support


  • Conducts planning, programming and development of Intercity Rail Capital Projects (project proposals, applications and project study reports)
  • Assists local agencies in implementation of capital projects
  • Administers capital project contracts
  • Develops plans for funding individual projects through STIP, and in coordination with other entities (freight railroads, Amtrak, commuter railroads, and local and regional agencies)
  • Coordinates with Amtrak, commuter railroads, and local and regional agencies on capital project development and implementation of Amtrak California's San Joaquin route and the Capitol Corridor
  • Provides staff support and information to the San Joaquin Valley Rail Committee 
  • Monitors train and bus services for quality and consistency

    Amtrak California Logo


  • Develops marketing and public relations activities to increase ridership and revenue on state-supported intercity passenger rail and connecting Thruway bus service known as Amtrak California
  • Increases onboard food and beverage sales through specialized marketing
  • Conducts market research, including ridership, revenue modeling and passenger surveys
  • Improves passenger information (stations, on-board, online, and marketing collaterals)
  • Develops and maintains the Amtrak California web site
  • Promotes rail safety education in conjunction with California Operation Lifesaver to increase awareness and reduce avoidable rail-related injuries and fatalities



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