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Project Risk Management

Welcome to the newly revamped Project Risk Management webpage. With the implementation of PD-09, the Department will be refocusing our efforts to improve project delivery through risk management. Changes include the use of a "scalable" approach to Risk Management and the introduction of accountability checkpoints. The scalable approach will ensure that the appropriate level of risk management is applied to each project, dependent on project complexity. The accountability checkpoints will ensure that risks are documented and communicated throughout all the phases of project delivery, from project inception through the completion of Construction.

The first phase of roll out includes a new handbook "Risk Management - A Scalable Approach", a sample Risk Register showing the different levels in the scalable approach and examples of risks that pertain to the various functional units (see links below). Over the next several months the roll out will continue. Risk Management Coordinators will be established for each District. They will help Project Development Teams (PDT) in their efforts to develop and update Risk Registers. Additionally, a new program will be made available to help in the development and updating of project risk registers.

The Risk Management Coordinator will be the Subject Matter Expert for risk related issues in your district and will be available to answer questions and assist the PDTs with project risk management.

Project Risk Management Handbook and Tools
Document File Format File Date
PD-09: Project Risk Management PDF 2012/06/01
Project Risk Management Handbook - A Scalable Approach PDF 2012/06/30
Risk Management Plan Sample Template Word 2012/04/30
Risk List Sample Excel 2007/05/30
Risk Register All Levels Excel 2012/06/30
Risk Register Cerification Form PDF 2014/01/30