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Surviving the Wires Environment

Helicopter flying over telephone pole and power lines.

Surviving the Wires Environment

Aviation wire strikes occur, on average, once a week in the US and up to 60% of those collisions result in fatalities.

Helicopter Association International (HAI) in cooperation with Southern California Edison (SCE) and AEGIS Insurance Services, Inc. have released a new online aviation wire strike safety awareness program. The 25-minute video, “Surviving the Wires Environment”, is available to all pilots for free from the HAI website,

The video describes dangers of flight below 1,000 feet above ground level in what is known as the “wires environment”. Low-level airspace is becoming increasingly more crowded with man-made obstructions such as electrical transmission towers and wires, and telecommunication antennas. More than 7,000 new aviation hazards, such as radio antennas, are built in the wires environment every year and the charts cannot keep up with the changes. According to the safety awareness program, the majority of obstructions are not indicated on aviation charts and are not required to have markings or warning systems.

The co-sponsors of the program encourage every pilot – experienced or newly licensed; commercial, military, first responder, or general aviation; rotor or fixed-wing aircraft – to view the program.

The Division of Aeronautics is pleased to provide this opportunity for improving aviation safety awareness.

Last Updated: December 20, 2013