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Helicopter School Landing Authorization

The State of California has a law governing landings and departures of helicopters at children’s schools.  Public Utilities Code (PUC) Section 21662.5 states, in part, that, with limited exemptions, “no helicopter may land or depart in any area within 1,000 feet, measured by air line, of the boundary of any public or private school maintaining kindergarten classes or any classes in grades 1 through 12, without approval of the department [i.e., Caltrans].”  In response, the Division of Aeronautics developed and oversees the Helicopter Landing Authorization (HLA) program, as described in California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 21, Section 3532(c).  The helicopter school landing approvals are often referred to as “HLAs.”  PUC 21662.5 also allows certain public safety agencies, as designated by the Division of Aeronautics, to conduct HLA evaluations and approvals.  Selected personnel from these agencies complete a HLA training program and are certified as “PSA Designees.” 

Helicopter landings at schools are done for a number of important purposes, including “Every 15 Minutes” drunk-driving awareness programs and career days.  The HLA program seeks to facilitate these landings, while maintaining safe conditions for students, teachers, and others in the community.  Links to additional information and forms for the HLA program are provided below. Note:  14 CFR Part 133 Operators see specific link below.

Please contact our current HLA Coordinator, Christopher Brooks, at (916) 654-5450 or email if you have additional questions.


Last Updated: August 2, 2018