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Grants & Loans - Local Airport Loan Program

The Local Airport Loan Account is a revolving fund that was initiated with seed money from the Aeronautics Account. As principal and interest payments are returned to the Loan Account, additional loans can be provided to airports. Funds are available now!

Interest rates match the latest California General Obligation Bond sale interest rate

This program provides discretionary State loans to eligible airports for projects that enhance an airport’s ability to provide general aviation services (hangars, GA terminals, utilities, GA fueling facilities, A&D-eligible projects, etc.). A loan may also provide the local share for an AIP grant. Such a loan can be used in conjunction with a State-funded AIP Matching grant. The maximum term of a loan is 17 years.

The Department approves the amount of the loan in accordance with the project’s feasibility and the sponsor’s financial situation. For details including eligibility please see “State Dollars for Your Airport” chapter 2 and California Code of Regulations, Title 21, Division 2.5, chapter 5, California Airport Loan program.

There are three different types of loans available under this program.
  1. Revenue Generation (application form DOA-0020)
  2. Matching Funds (application form DOA-0019)
  3. Airport Development (application form DOA-0013)

To learn more, select any of the following: Sponsor Eligibility, Uses and Restrictions, Funding Cycle , Pay-back Requirements
Funding Level - Funding depends upon the available balance in the Local Airport Loan Account.
Matching Requirement - No local match is required for a loan.

Loans are subject to State audit. Records that substantiate the expenditure of loan monies should be retained until three years after the retirement of the loan. Funds may have to be repaid by the sponsor if an audit finds that State law or generally accepted accounting principles have been violated.

For more information, including current interest rate, contact:
Shannon Montano, Grants and Loans Specialist
Phone: 916-654-4718

Last Updated: January 4, 2019