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2019 Airport Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

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What is the CIP?

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a 10-year planning document, published by Caltrans every odd year, encompassing capital improvement and planning projects at California's publicly owned airports. To be eligible for a State-funded Airport Improvement Program (AIP) matching grant or Acquisition and Development (A&D) grant, an airport project must be listed in the most current CIP

The 2019 CIP is underway, encompassing projects in the State Fiscal Years 2019/20 -2028/29.

How do I participate in the CIP?

Planned Projects that fall within State Fiscal Years 2019/20 -2028/29 are entered online at the Caltrans Airport IQ System Manager (Caltrans ASM) database by the airport manager or representative. Additionally, the airport manager or representative must print and sign an Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP) data sheet for each fiscal year (generated from the ASM database) and mail it to:

Office of Technical Services and Programs
Division of Aeronautics
California Department of Transportation
PO BOX 942874
Sacramento, CA 94274

How do I access and use the database?

To access Caltrans ASM, use the username and password that was provided in the CIP invitation letter to your airport and follow the instructions provided in the Quick Start Guide. After entering project information into the database, print a hard copy of the ACIP data sheets for each fiscal year, sign, and mail to the Division of Aeronautics.  If your credentials are not working or if your airport did not receive the 2019 CIP invitation letter, contact the Division of Aeronautics.

The Caltrans ASM database is only compatible with Internet Explorer 11. Google Chrome, Bing, Firefox or other browsers cannot be used to access the database.

The database is not working properly. What can I do?

Be sure you are using Internet Explorer 11

Open Compatibility View Settings and add "" to the list of compatible websites turn off Pop-Up Blocker (see instructions)

If you are still encountering technical difficulties, contact the Division of Aeronautics.

When do I have to complete the CIP entry?

The deadline for participating in the CIP is January 31, 2019. Please make every effort to log in and complete the process early to avoid last minute delays or difficulties.

Division of Aeronautics CIP Contacts:

Parvin Bijani (916) 657-0543
Patrick Kyo (916) 654-5082
Tarek Tabshouri (916) 654-3775


Last Updated: October 17, 2018