California Department of Transportation

California Department of Transportation

Date:        March 9, 2016
District:    Headquarters
Contact:   Tamie McGowen
Phone:     (916) 657-5060

Caltrans Urges Public to ‘Protect Every Drop’
Via Statewide Stormwater Campaign


WEST SACRAMENTO – In the latest Caltrans News Flash, you’ll get an in-depth look at “Protect Every Drop,” Caltrans’ new multi-year stormwater campaign. Recently launched as a statewide effort, this outreach encourages the public to learn more about the sources and pathways of stormwater pollution, and teaches motorists how to reduce pollutants that impact everyone’s quality of life.

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This News Flash is the 70th in a series of videos highlighting Caltrans’ activities that present the wide-ranging and critical work that Caltrans does to enhance California’s economy and livability. To see more of these and other videos, search for #CaltransNewsFlash on Twitter or go to

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