California Department of Transportation

California Department of Transportation

Date: October 2, 2013
District: 3 - Marysville,
               Jody Jones, District Director
Contact: Rochelle Jenkins   Email:
Phone: (530) 634-7640


MARYSVILLE – Caltrans announced today that it has finished rebuilding 90 miles of Interstate 80 between Auburn and the Nevada state line, infrastructure improvements that included rebuilding seven bridges, improving lighting and drainage and adding new traffic monitoring systems.

“In years past, people visiting our state were greeted with a rough, worn out roadway,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “We now have a smooth, safe, world-class highway that will benefit our residents, our businesses, and millions of tourists who visit California.”

Interstate 80 is a critical economic artery for California and the nation because it is one of only three continuous coast-to-coast highways, and it has served motorists well since the 1960s.  

The massive construction venture (“Get Across 80”) consisted of 15 separate projects featuring a wide range of improvements. In addition to rebuilding the highway: 

  • Caltrans rebuilt seven bridges and the Donner Summit and Gold Run rest areas.
  • Several chain on/off areas were upgraded.
  • New freeway cameras were installed, which Caltrans will use to monitor traffic incidents and weather conditions.
  • New electronic highway message signs on I-80 will provide motorists real-time traffic and weather information.
  • Caltrans enhanced safety for motorists by boosting the lighting around key interchanges.
  • Drainage systems were improved and highway shoulders were widened to modern standards.

Proposition 1B, a 2006 voter-approved transportation bond, provided $76 million in funding. To date, nearly $17 billion in Proposition 1B funds have been put to work

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