California Department of Transportation


Q I'm trying to find someone who used to work at Caltrans. Can you help?

Caltrans does not have a database to search for people. If you are looking for a long lost friend or relative, you can obtain a copy of the Message Forwarding Service form and a self-addressed envelope by calling the DMV at (800) 777-0133 or by visiting any DMV field office. The form is also available at under the heading "Forms". Once you send in the form, DMV will pass it along to the lost person providing that person is in the DMV data base.

If the person you are looking for is still collecting retirement, one good source would be the California Public Employees Retirement System. They handle retirement plans for a varity of State and Local government agencies. You can reach their web site at

To check for vital statistics such birth and death certificates, see the following web site:

If the person you are looking for owns property in California, you may be able to obtain tax records from the Board of Equalization. They can be reached at

Finally, if the employee was a veteran of the armed forces, you may be able to find information through the California Department of Veterans Affairs. That department can be found on-line at