California Department of Transportation

Gabion Mesh Corrosion - Field Study of Test Panels and Full-scale Facilities

The second edition of the final research report, GABION MESH CORROSION Field Study of Test Panels and Full-scale Facilities (November 2001) was intended for distribution as a paperless report, and it is about 27.2 Mb.

All of the conclusions and all of the recommendations in both editions are identical. For general guidance see CONCLUSIONS (last paragraph of page 99, all of page 100), RECOMMENDATIONS (pages 101 through 105), and APPENDIX A (pages 110 and 126). Owners of the first edition (May 2001) should replace pages 16, 56, and 107 . The cover, signature, and Technical Report Documentation pages were changed to reflect the November 2001 date. A few other pages have minor corrections. All of the photos were darkened to improve the images.

Printed (hard-copy) reports are not available from Caltrans.




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