California Department of Transportation

Cooperative Agreement - AB 3090

AB 3090 (Government Code 14529.7) allows the CTC to grant permission to a local agency allowing the local agency to use its own funds to develop and construct a project earlier than planed in the STIP. Various phases of projects have also been advanced. If agreed to by the CTC, the local agency may be reimbursed, up to the amount programmed in the STIP, for their costs in developing the project either by the providing a replacement project or by cash reimbursement. Reimbursement will not occur until the date the project was originally programmed or at a later date as determined by the CTC. The basic process is as follows but additional details can be obtained in the CTC guidelines, which can be found at Transportation Programming's web site

•  District submits to Transportation Programming a request to 3090 a project and a plan for either the reimbursement of funds or the replacement project.

•  Transportation Programming works with Budgets and CTC Staff to decide whether or not to approve request and plan.

•  Transportation Programming transmits letter to District with decision.

•  If approved, District prepares draft Cooperative Agreement (CA) modifying the appropriate 3090 template ( Form T-3 (Word format) ) if necessary, attaches the Transportation Programming letter and submits the package to HQ via the District Cooperative Agreement Coordinator (DCAC).

•  HQ Cooperative Agreement Unit reviews CA and returns it to the District as approved for execution or for amendment.

•  Once approved, the CA is then process for execution. CA must be fully executed prior to going to the CTC for projects where cash reimbursement is sought.

•  District then works with Programming for CTC appearance on CTC agenda & their approval .



This page last updated October 10, 2003