California Department of Transportation

AB1012 Implementation

AB 1012, approved by the Governor on October 7, 1999 contains seven main elements and is an urgency measure. The main intent of the bill is to reduce the large cash balance in the State Highway Account in the State Transportation Fund. A complete copy of the bill can be found at:

California Legislative Counsel - AB1012 (Chapter 783 of Statutes)

AB1012 Powerpoint presentation

AB1012 has seven major components as follows:

1. Transportation Project Delivery Advisory Teams

2. Comprehensive Project Delivery Management Information System Plan

3. Adds an "Advance Project Development" Element to the STIP and Requires Fund Estimate to Designate Resources Available for Advance Project Development Element

4. Reimbursable Work Account

5. SHA Loan Program

Please forward any questions about the SHA Loan Program to

6. Expedited PSR Compliance

7. RSTP-CMAQ/Obligational Authority "Use-it-or-Lose-It" Limitation

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