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DATE: May 2, 1996

INCIDENT TYPE: Motor Vehicle Accidents

LOCATION: Statewide


THE ACCIDENT: The HQ Office of Safety and Health has identified an alarming increase in the number of solo vehicle accidents. The majority of these accidents have involved vehicles striking stationary objects. An increase has also occurred in the number of backing accidents.

This information was obtained from the 270's that are input into the Caltrans Safety Information Management System (SIMS) database of motor vehicle accidents.

CONCLUSIONS: The basic cause of the majority of the solo vehicle accidents is poor judgment or failure to observe conditions. The basic cause of the majority of backing accidents is improper backing.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Be aware of the clearance (including overhead) around your vehicle when driving or backing. When another employee is present, they should assist the driver by observing the area around the vehicle when maneuvering in a confined area.

Any employee that is at fault in a motor vehicle accident is subject to possible disciplinary action. Unit 12 employees that are at fault in a vehicle accident will lose their safety incentive award. If a motor vehicle accident occurs during misuse of a state vehicle, the employee may be required to reimburse the state for all costs associated with the accident. (DPA 599.800 Et Sec)

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