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DATE: July 18, 2007

INCIDENT TYPE: Bicycle Accident

LOCATION: District 5

TYPE OF WORK ACTIVITY: Inter-Office Commuting

THE INCIDENT: On June 27, 2007 a District 5 Caltrans employee was traveling from the District Office to a nearby Caltrans facility using his personal bicycle. While crossing the street next to the District Office the Caltrans employee was struck by a vehicle and received minor injuries.

CONCLUSIONS: Bicycles may be used for transportation on Official State business and employees may be reimbursed for using their privately owned bicycles. District 5 encourages bicycle commuting to nearby offices and even has several bicycles available at the District Office for this purpose. The employee that was injured in this accident was not wearing a bicycle helmet. Had a bicycle helmet been worn the injuries received by the employee probably would have been lessened.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Employees who use bicycles on State business shall comply with the following safety and health guidelines. State-owned and privately owned bicycles shall have appropriate safety equipment as required by the California Vehicle Code (21201 CVC). The safety equipment shall include brakes, reflectors, and headlamp if operated during hours of darkness. Supervisors shall ensure that all employees who operate a bicycle on State business posses reasonable knowledge and understand the provisions of the California Vehicle Code governing the operation of a bicycle upon the highways, (21200-23675 CVC) knowledge and understanding of traffic signs and signals, including the bikeway signs, pavement markings and delineation, and traffic control devices as established by Caltrans. Employees who are authorized to use a bicycle for Official State business shall use appropriate personal protective equipment as directed by his/her supervisor. Personal protective safety equipment shall include an approved bicycle helmet, vest, shirt, or jacket of appropriate color equipped with reflective material for periods of darkness, safety glasses, and other appropriate bicycle safety apparel.



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