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DATE: January 4, 2007

INCIDENT TYPE: Roller Accident (Caterpillar Roller CB-434D)

LOCATION: District 4


THE ACCIDENT: A Caltrans crew was paving a Maintenance Facility when this accident occurred. A CT Equipment Operator II was operating a Caterpillar CB-434D hydrostatic drive roller. The operator was rolling the asphalt mat As he approached a loading dock another CT Equipment Operator II (on foot) was directing him off the mat onto the dock driveway. This employee was standing directly in front of the roller, against the dock railing and didn't move to the side. The roller operator, as he approached the dock, shifted the roller into neutral. The roller continued forward, crushing the employee's legs. The roller operator tried to shift the roller into reverse, but some how shifted the control lever into forward and struck employee a second time.

CONCLUSIONS: The roller operator was inexperienced and had not operated this roller before. The roller operator should not have operated the roller with out prior training on that specific roller. If the roller operator had been trained he would have known that this roller has a slow stop of several feet once the roller is shifted into neutral. The employee on the ground SHOULD NOT have been standing in front of the roller while the roller was in operation.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Specific Training on Caterpillar Model CB-434D Rollers with special attention to the slow stop characteristic of this model roller once the roller is shifted into neutral. Proper training should always be given to any employee on any new or unfamiliar equipment. Supervisors are responsible to make sure employees are trained and familiar with equipment before they are used at any work site. Review manufacturers manual with emphasis on any safety precautions. Review Code of Safe Operating Practices, Equipment General Code of Safe Practices and Rollers, Towable, Powered & Hand Operated. Review Chapter 8 Protection of Workers, 8.01 Managers' and Supervisors' Responsibilities, 8.02 Work Site Safety, and 8.34 Operationg Maintenance Equipment. Have tailgate safety meetings every 10 working days and before any new work assignment go over any hazards of the work operation including new equipment.



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