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Photo Album

The photo album contains a sample of pictures from current and past instrumentation projects.  Click on the thumbnail of interest to see the full-size picture, then use your Web browser's Back button to return to this page.

Specialized Tests    

Water Truck Testing (2010)

The Instrumentation Services Branch provided instrumentation to assist the Equipment Service Center in determining the amount of acceleration induced by water movement in water truck tanks during braking.

Profile of water truck
Accelerometer mounted on truck frame
Accelerometer mounted on driver's seat
Data logger in truck cab
Water Truck
Accelerometer on Frame
Accelerometer on Seat
Data Logger in Cab

Lighting Standards (2006)

On SR 91 in Riverside, a Type 30 lighting standard was instrumented with strain gages and accelerometers to monitor its behavior in windy conditions to verify computer models. An anemometer was installed next to the pole to monitor wind conditions.

Soldering leads to a strain gage attached to a pole

Installing strain gages atop a pole

Accelerometer installed on a mounting bracket

Installed accelerometer on the arm

Installing Gage

Installing Gages Atop the Pole


Installed Accelerometer

Seismic Joint Tests (2005)

A new design for seismic joints for bridge approaches was tested on eastbound I-80 near the Carquinez Bridge. A trench was created and metal seismic joint plates were installed over the trench. Data from sensors including LVDTs, strain gages, and thermocouples were recorded with high-speed data loggers as traffic drove over the plates.

Installing plates over trench in the freeway


LVDT in foreground, strain gages on top, and LVDTs in background

Data Loggers Housed in Cabinet

Installing Seismic Plate

Installed LVDTs

Installed Sensors (Plate Above)

Cabinet with Data Loggers

Rumble Strip Testing (2000 to 2001)

The Instrumentation Services Branch collected acceleration data to assist the Caltrans Division of New Technology in their investigation of different types of rumble strips used to alert drivers and prevent run-off-the-road accidents

Accelerometers installed on a steering wheel
Rolled in rumble strip
Milled in rumble strip
Accelerometers on Steering Wheel
Rolled-In Rumble Strip
Milled-In Rumble Strip

Changeable Message Sign Testing   (1995 to 1996)

Cantilever tubular post sign structures were instrumented in different locations of the state for the Office of Structures Maintenance and Investigations to measure stress concentrations under dynamic load field conditions.  Instrumentation involved strain gages, wind monitors and remote data telemetry

Strain gages installed on a sign pole
Close up of strain gage installation on sign pole
Data acquisition system - cellular phone, modem, signal conditioner, and recorder
Gage Installation
Gage Installation
Data Logger