California Department of Transportation
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Office of Testing and Technology Services

This branch provides quality assurance testing for chemical and electrical products, evaluation of highway delineation and signing products and support for applications of corrosion control. The staff work closely with personnel from Structures, Traffic Operations, Maintenance and Construction to develop new specifications, test procedures and design guidelines. They provide specialty training to district and headquarters personnel and technical support for new product evaluation.

  • Electrical Testing Branch is responsible for the quality assurance testing of the more than 10,000 traffic signal control devices and lighting products purchased each year by Caltrans.
  • Chemistry Testing Branch provides testing and problem-solving services whenever the chemical content of materials and products are involved.
  • Corrosion Technology Branch is responsible for technologies and design practices that prevent, control or mitigate corrosion on transportation facilities.
  • Instrumentation Services Branch provides structural instrumentation, equipment repair, and electronic design and consulting services to customers within Caltrans.
  • New Products are fully-developed, marketable products for use in construction, maintenance, and operation of the State's transportation system. These are products which Caltrans has not previously evaluated and which are not covered by existing specifications or requirements. These also could be products which are covered by existing specifications, but that require evaluation or validation of performance prior to approval. These types of products may include previously approved products which have been modified or an existing product sold by a new supplier.